About Me

Reviewing Everything That I Possibly Can

About Me

Hi, This is an about me page to inform you, well, about me! 🙂

I’m as of now 21 and analytical. Also Transmale. I like the idea of reviewing things. I can give people information and maybe keep people from making bad choices, expose scams, promote the genuine, noble stuff like that. Though I am young, that doesn’t mean that I’m any less capable of doing reviews for things. Unless it’s prune juice. There you’ve got me. But joking aside, I truly believe I am just as capable as anyone else.

Bad Humor

But if so inclined to be rude, instead of hating in the comments you can move your mouse over to that red X button on the top right and click it. And Presto! What you thought was worth hate is suddenly gone and your urge to make rude comments should subside. But I’m no doctor. And will never claim to be one without proper training. Which I do not wish to pursue. So if you still feel the urge to be unnecessarily rude I suggest you contact your doctor. You might find it to be chronic if not treated soon enough. In which case you should call 1-800-CALM in order to file for compensation. Especially if you or a loved one had died of the toxic disease.

End of Tangent


Alright, back to me. If you can’t tell, I love light-hearted jokes. I also love puns. Like how not long ago how I told a friend that Finding Dory was off the hook. I’m still just as much a kid at heart as I am an adult in physical form, actually that’s not true. I’ve been mistaken for a 12-year-old before so I must not be that much a physical adult. I think that’s enough about me for now, maybe I’ll update this page later, though much more would be spoilers 😉 See you in my next blog post!

From The Future!

Hey guys! So in case you are still unaware, I wrote a book! You can find the ebook and soon the paperback version Here. You can buy it for yourself or as a gift for someone else. Or not, I’m not your boss. Evereviewer out! 🙂

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