A Personal Story to Warn Others

One of my reasons for my long hiatus to posting was due to an unpleasant event that happened to me not long after starting this blog. I contemplated making this post for that entire time. Now I have finally worked up the courage to share this incident. There was a member on the forum known as FormCoin named AlienUFO. It seemed like he was a nice enough guy in the start. He had posted an exchange in the forums to register to his forum https://uncoveredforums.com. My username there is the same as my username on ForumCoin. I registered, got my Forum Coins, and I proposed a posting exchange since he seemed nice enough.

I was genuinely interested in his forum, since it involves the paranormal, and I happen to be very facinated by the paranormal. Heck, I may have even been a loyal member after the exchange was done, had it been completed. I was already registered on his forum, so all I had to do was make posts. I made some threads and posts, and eventually I noticed he hasn’t posted or even registered on my forum, beneuniverse.com.

Please note, after I had already posted on his forum, he sends me this message via ForumCoin: report3 compressor 300x225 - A Personal Story to Warn Others

(It’s blocked out from some sensoring that happened from me posting the screenshot on another forum, but all others show his name and forum banner in his signature.)

I ask, how was my attitude poor? Was it my admittedly good content I posted on your forum? Anybody can go to his website and find my posts and see I did not take the exchange lightly.

He calls off the deal when I bring up he needs to do his part. Then he asks for my skype info and asks me to be a mod on his forum instead of working on my “dead” forum.

report1 1 300x225 - A Personal Story to Warn Others

And at some point in me trying to delete the content I provided he sends me this message! report2 1 300x225 - A Personal Story to Warn Others
What the heck? That’s all the screenshots I took, of course I still have all the messages so if further proof is needed or anybody wants to see my side of the convo more than what he quotes I can still take those. I just didn’t feel like taking more at the time. I reported him and he got banned. But I still feel sick. I feel cheated. I feel like I was talking to some kind of pervert from that last comment. I legitimately thought I could’ve been a good member for his community, but not anymore. Not after he cheats content for himself and cheats me out of content.

It’s true, my forum is not the most active, doesn’t have the most members, but I am trying dude. I was only a kid when I first started up my forum, and it’s still online. I get ad revenue from it, but that’s not why I made the forum. I made that forum because I wanted to make a safe place for people to express themselves because not everyone can do that with the people currently in their lives. And Alien spat in face for that dream.

I have every intention of linking this post to his forum, because I am still a member, because conveniently I cannot delete my own profile or posts he cheated me out of. He will probably delete my posts and possibly ban me after this though. But I don’t care, his forum and the content I posted there represents what I hate about him for scamming me.

If you are a member of his forum, it doesn’t matter to me. It’s up to you what forums you are a part of. But I don’t want you to be a member without knowing just what he did and might do again. You might know this, but just in case you don’t: On his forum his name is Flux and on ForumPromotion (if you can even access it) his name is TheLostOne. Just so you know who he is no matter how you run into him.

After I post this, Alien will probably try to tell me off or threaten me for posting this on his forum. But all I have to say to that is I’m not just posting it on my forum, I’ll also post it anywhere else I can think of. Again, I don’t care if you get traffic. I just want you exposed. I don’t care if it “defames” you and you can’t take me down. He said he could in another message he sent to me. I can prove it to, but at  this point how much more proof is necessary to know this guy is a cyberbully?

After he scammed me and during the cyber-abuse and reporting process he made another exchange for I believe it was 10 of 15 Forum Coins which is equal to 10-15 Cents USD. But he was banned before he could pay the members who did it. At this time only 2 members went unpaid. They asked in the same thread why he was banned and if they would be paid.

Now it was not my intention and I didn’t mean for 2 others to be given short. so I messaged the users in question about what happened and explained the situation. They were more concerned about being paid than the fact that I was harassed. I won’t name the users, because while it hurt it wasn’t their fault I was harassed in the first place, a much bigger offense to me.

Now, that said. I want to finish my near one thousand word rant and get on with my life. I’ll see you all in my next post and hopefully get out of my funk to post more in the future. I ask not for your pity. The only thing that will make me feel totally better is justice. Which I believe will only happen in this case is if Alien, Flux, TheLostOne, whatever, learns from his actions and realize what he did and how he scammed and hurt.

If he apologizes, who knows? I’m pretty forgiving. I might even become active on his forum and maybe put a legitimate review of his forum on my blog. If he doesn’t I won’t do one at all though, I don’t want to taint my opinion of his forum with my opinion of him, that’s not the goal to taint your opinion with this post either. I just want the truth exposed.

But it’s up to Flux to be the bigger man and admit what he did, then maybe I’d forgive him. But until then, I’m glad to have been able vent to my readers. Thanks for lasting this long. I’ll see you in another post.

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