Exciting News Update And Another Day Working!

Working At Best Buy Is The Best!

Hey ho my fellow Internet Explorers. How are you today? I have had a riveting day of working at Best Buy. I must say that I am of the opinion that I like it there. Best Buy accepts me for the person I am completely. And I cannot be more happy with the way things are going when it comes to workplace acceptance. I see a bright, and Blue future ahead of me.

Coming soon: Your surprise

Into more personal matters, my special surprise is still on track to be revealed in due time I am super excited and cannot wait for it to begin. It has been a dream of mine to accomplish since I was a child. To many who know me, know what that dream is and by extension know the surprise. At least to an extent. They will get their own surprise involving my dream as well. I am also excited for their special surprise as well. I sadly have to keep their secret a secret from you too. Some of those the other surprise are readers of my blog just like you.

And soon I will finish the day with a nice Chicken Parmesan sub sandwich from a local pizza place. I love this sandwich from any place I have gotten it from so far.It’s great.

Goodbye Everybody!

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I hope you all have a wonderful safe day everybody. And I will see all you dudes in the next post.

Happy Easter Sunday Internet Explorers!

Happy Easter!

Hello my fellow internet explorers! It is a wonderful Easter morning today! Now I say this because that’s what day it is to me, because that does not change regardless of if you celebrate. If you are going to celebrate with me, great. If not, also great. You do your own thing. I will not be attending church as I consider myself an agnostic atheist. But I will be attending family dinner and actually already received a bag of candy from my father and a gift from one of my aunts while at work the other day.

My Easter bag from my father contained Reese’s cups, Hershey Kisses, Jelly Beans, and a chocolate rabbit. I hope all the kids across the land have bountiful Easter Egg Hunts and get wonderful surprises and pictures with their respective Easter Bunny’s. I might watch really old Easter Movies and I encourage everyone who celebrates to do so as well. Even if you don’t celebrate, they aren’t bad movies. I really like Here Comes Peter Cottontail, the original one from 1971.

Surprise Easter Review

The graphics are terrible, granted. But it was a very good movie for its time and I believe it is worth watching in spite of the old-fashioned way of animation. Ben 10 said it best “Just because something is really old, doesn’t mean it isn’t cool.” to give the movie an official Evereview I give Here Comes Peter Cottontail (1971) Four Green St. Patrick’s Day Eggs out of Five

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Have a Happy Easter my Internet Explorers! and I will see all you dudes, in the next post!

A Late Post (It’s Almost Midnight As I’m Writing This)

Late Post

Heyo my fellow Internet Explorers. I knew this was going to happen at some point. I just didn’t think it would happen so soon. But I think it still counts for Saturday. Because no one is awake for Sunday yet. Speaking of Sunday That is Easter day. So Happy Easter to everyone. I had a day at work that tired me out. And I ate a bunch of food and went straight to sleep.

I had a long productive work day at orientation and thankfully have all Easter to rest up and will also have most of Tuesday as well. For work I listened to an watched an orientation video for most of a shift and did a couple of what are called E Learnings. We are also not allowed to do them at home. So no homework! Which is nice. I think I’m really going to like working at Best Buy. You could say so far it’s the Best. Haha.

But that aside I did learn some useful things to help me do my job more effectively. I hope to learn and grow at Best Buy. But that being said, what are your Easter plans? Me, I might go to dinner with my family. I have heard good things about my aunt’s cooking.

A Late Goodbye for now and Happy Easter

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Have a wonderful safe day everybody, and a happy Easter. And I will see all you dudes in the next review! Bye!

An Early Start To A Full Day Today – Work and Support Group

Work Schedule!

Good morning my fellow Internet Explorers! It’s an early rise for me today and I decided I should get my post for the day in now in case I don’t have time later. I’m having a bowl of generic Ramen for breakfast today so I can be like Naruto. Joking aside I have a full day of a lot to do today. I start the PowerPoint thing I mentioned yesterday at 10am today and I get off work at 3. But my father may not be able to pick me up until 4.

Medicine and Support Group

Then I have to pick up the medicine that helps me sleep at night probably by 5pm. Then at 6pm I have support group until 7pm. And that will be my day today. I also work tomorrow from 10am to 3pm. Probably more PowerPoint and test stuff. Then I get to shadow an actual employee. I don’t yet know how long before I’m on my own mainly. I hope a grey polo shirt will work for the time being because that is all I have to work with for now.

I’m very excited for support group today, I might ask if I can involve my special surprise in the upcoming festival. But I probably will get a no because of monetary reasons. But at least I won’t need money to share with you guys once it’s ready.

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Have a wonderful, safe day everybody. And I will see all you dudes in the next post!

Paperwork At Best Buy And Diabetes!


Good afternoon my fellow internet Explorers. I’m for you with a small update about my most recently ended job hunt. I say ended because I accepted a job offer from Best Buy. So far I have only filled out paperwork. Tomorrow I will be watching a power point on ethics and such and taking a quiz on said PowerPoint. And then by Sunday I will be shadowing someone. I currently do not know when I will be on my own but I hope I am on stable ground when I do.

Diabetes Awareness

After my training tomorrow I will be attending my local lgbtqia+ support group. I “work” from 10 am to 3pm and group starts at 6pm and ends at 7pm. So I have a full day tomorrow. I have to remember to request off for Thursday because my family will be out-of-town. They are going to my little brother’s endocrinologist because he has diabetes. It’s a whole trip because the only endocrinologist that takes children is a two-hour drive away one way.

I’m not going personally, but I won’t have anyone to drive me to work. I hope he gets his insulin pump back. It’s been years since he was taken off of it and it may behoove him to get it back. His numbers are usually pretty terrible because he snacks a lot. More awareness for diabetes is definitely necessary. As well as awareness of other things like Hydrocephalus and Mental disorders and disabilities.

Until Next Time

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