The Net Neutrality Vote Decision: We’re Screwed

Well guys this may very well be the last blog you see from me. I’m still going to try. But I’m not going to bribe powerhouse ISPs (Internet Service Providers). You see, in my country we HAD a thing called Net Neutrality. Now we do not. It was voted out by our senators. So in a sense we did this to ourselves. Net Neutrality basically means that all ISPs have to grant equal support for all websites. Without it, it means that ISPs can pick favorites to support what websites bring them more money.

This has the potential to, and probably will, snuff out smaller websites by slowing their support to a crawl. Hence why it will likely effect this blog. I will not take it lying down though. I encourage you to call your senators if you do not like this change. If you do, I encourage you to express it safely and sanely. I want everyone’s voices to be heard on this matter. Because everyone’s voices matter. I’m not trying to silence anyone.

That is never the goal here. I just am sure this decision will negatively effect me and others. But I will fully admit that I could be very wrong. And if I am and nothing changes, or if something gets better, you better believe I will write about it.

I just want nothing more than for the world to be happy, healthy, safe, and for everyone to get along. But sadly I doubt that will ever happen. We are not only screwed by slow loading of certain websites. No. We are screwed by the fighting that will undoubtably occur over the next few days over whether this is good or bad.

I for one, think it is bad. And that is perfectly fine. Because my opinion is only that, my opinion.

Well, I’ve been me. You’ve been you. And this has been Net Neutrality. I’m all out of time for this topic. Leave down in the comments what you think I should do next. And I will see all you dudes in the next review!

Oh, before I forget. You can look at the decision here. To see how it all went down. It’s the CNN live feed of the vote. It leads to the conclusion of repealing Net Neutrality for those of us who like big pictures.

Ok, bye for real now. See ya! 🙂

Reviewing Avon: Working From Home!

Hey guys! I finally have an actual review for you for the first time in a while. Unless you count my PewDiePie rant from a few days ago that is. Today I will be reviewing a subject pretty close to my home. Today I will be reviewing Avon and some of it’s products. What are Avon products? All sorts of things! Creams, perfumes, clothes, some toys, other stuff and so forth.

How do I know this? My mother used to be a work at home Avon seller. Now, mind you, she doesn’t do it anymore so my information may be a little dated. She also did it as more of a hobby back when she did it at all because my dad supported the family. She mostly bought things from the magazines for us and sold it to friends. In fact I have a silly story about one of their products.

If you have a small child with you I suggest not letting them see this. Basically I found out Santa Claus wasn’t real because I was nosy. I found out that one of my presents, a pair of slippers, was an Avon product. Then I asked too many questions.

They were comfy slippers until I grew too big for them. But anyways. While I don’t believe working from home through Avon is necessarily a scam. I don’t recommend it unless you are really god at networking and become popular on the internet. That seems to be the only way to make dropshipping, what Avon basically is, worth doing. I doubt you’ll make much money otherwise.

However working for Avon can also be a great cash back system and thing to show your friends as my mother used it for.

Well that’s all the time I have for this review. I hope you enjoyed my 50th post and tell me what to review next in the comments. While I don’t personally know how to start working for Avon but I would start looking into it here

I know I will see all you, in the next review. And If you’re new, don’t forget to subscribe by signing in with wordpress! Bye guys!

Talking About PewDiePie’s Recent Screw Ups

Hey Guys! Today we’re going to talk about PewDiePie and all the stuff he’s recently done on his channel to slander his own name. I’m talking about all the Anti-somatic jokes and saying the N word on a live stream in front of millions. I believe this was very bad, and he got the backlash he deserves to have gotten. But I also believe that at some point we have to stop and forgive PewDiePie for his transgressions.

How can we expect him to become a better person if we do not even try to act like we expect him to do so? Hate only breeds more hate. Only love can truly heal wounds of the past. Love and Time. I believe if we start treating him like a person instead of either an idol for his videos, or a social pariah for his mistakes, he will change.

Yes we must hold him accountable for his actions. But we must do so without holding it over his head for the rest of time. I’m not asking the world to forget what he did, no. I’m asking the world to forgive it and use the love in that forgiveness to show what can happen if you let others care about you.

I am not personally a fan of PewDiePie. I used to watch him. But now I do not. I fell out of liking his videos. And there is nothing wrong with that. I believe you have the right to watch whatever content you want provided you can actually handle it. Being his fan or not has no influence over what I think of him as a person.

In short, forgiveness is what is needed for him to change and grow. And that is all I have time for today. Let me know what you guys want me to review in the comments section below. Like, should I review PewDiePie’s actual (Family friendly) content? Let me know! And I will see all you guys and girls in the next review! Bye now!


Oh and before I forget if you have never heard of PewDiePie for some reason, here is a link to his channel.