The Last Day of The Halloween Spooktacular! #25

Well guys and girls, it’s finally Halloween. Meaning it’s the end of our Spooktacular. I know I wasn’t as consistent as I or even you probably wanted. But I did my best with what I had. Which was not much motivation after a while, but I lasted a while didn’t I? Made some good quality posts. Some admittedly off the topic of Halloween. But I kept is as close as I could, I was grasping at straws in some ways on some days. That I will admit. Like When I reviewed Costumes, Candy, and Busy World.

But I think the reasoning I used behind it was funny and at least somewhat legitimate. But enough about me, what are you going to do for Halloween? Are you going to pull tricks? Beg for treats? Stay home and watch movies while eating the candy you are supposed to be passing out to kids? Just nothing? Are you rushing to buy candy as you read because you forgot it was Halloween?

I want to point out that I am not trying to pressure anyone into celebrating Halloween. I respect all religions and do not wish to offend anyone’s personal beliefs by making my Halloween Spooktacular. Any images or other content beyond the reviews are not mine including but not limited to the images and videos used.

Now with that disclaimer out of the the way, That’s about all the time I have left for this blog post, it’s not really a review. Whether you celebrate or not, I hope you have a great day, an awesome night, and are ready for my next reviews which will be random but hopefully often. Not every day though. I know not to try that again. But let me know what to review next in the comments and I will see you in the next review.

Bye bye!

Reviewing Halloween Spooktacular #24

Hey guys! Today I am reviewing as a whole. Just in time for the holiday season too. Because you can buy costumes for Halloween, gift cards for food on Thanksgiving, and gifts for Christmas. I’m currently looking at a left handed gaming mouse for my partner on Amazon. I’ll link it here for you to see and hopefully buy if you are a lefty. It looks pretty cool. Maybe if I can get it fo him I’ll do a review on it.

It looks like something a gamer like him would love. With 12 programmable thumb buttons for hotkeys. The only problem I see is that it is wired. I would have preferred wireless for him to save room on his desk. But we are not here to review a left-handed gaming computer mouse. We are here to review!

I mentioned you could find costumes, remember how I said I couldn’t find a costume I wanted. Well it’s on right here. I’m not gonna get it though, too close to Halloween to bother with it. But next year though it will be my jam!

Moving forward I also mentioned it sells gift cards. It does. Mostly to but it still does. My personal favorite is the gift card to Papa Johns.

They typically have reasonable prices by what I have seen and I have not received a broken product yet. I usually receive my products on time, if not early. And you can pay with paypal, my personal main online mode of payment.

I give Amazon 5 Smiles out of 5. Speaking of that, the Amazon Smile program allows you to donate to a charity of your choice. Donate to the Hydrocephalus Association today by making a purchase with Amazon smile.

Well that’s all the time I have for this review. Let me know if I should compare Ebay next in the comments! Bye now!

Pumpkins! Halloween Spooktacular #23!

Today we review a big part of Halloween. The very core of it. The spirit of the spooky. That’s right ladies and gentlemen. Today we review Pumpkins! They are legend to many things. Said to ward off vampires or evil spirits on All Hallows Eve to protect us from certain death. I don’t know if that was ever true. But now it’s a fun little thing for kids, teens, and adults of all ages.

Now you carve faces into them, scary or silly or in between. You can make food like pie or cake. Not a personal fan of pie. But please bring on the cake! You can go hunting for the perfect pumpkin patches in one of the many of them around the US. Back to cooking you can make a lot of other things. You can bake the pumpkin and stuff it with things like meat and cheese. I’ve had it before and it is delicious. The Pumpkin was nice and sweet and the meat was savory. We also had bacon inside too. Lovely.

Away from food now. I’ll share a map of major US pumpkin patches here.

If it works out for you, you are welcome. If not, I’m truly so sorry. Can I rate something as broad as pumpkins in general? If I can review it, I guess so. I’ll give Pumpkins 3.7 Spooky Scary Skeletons out of 5.

Why? Because while they supposedly ward off vampires and evil spirits. They make a huge mess and are a hassle to gut for making into a Jack-O-Lantern.

That’s another thing, Jack-O-Lanterns are cool and people are so creative with them nowadays. But the reason Pumpkins take such a hit to the rating in my review? It was already stated. I don’t like pumpkin pie. XD Really though it’s the mess.

Well that’s all time I have for this one. Let me know what I should do next in the comments and I will see you all in the next review. Should I review Halloween on Halloween night? Let me know! See ya laters guys!

Busy Week Guys, Sorry

I know I missed some days, but that is to be expected. I really can’t keep up the schedule I set originally. Every day posting at least 300 words and checking it is too much work on me. On other people like blogging pros with this as their only job It’s probably nothing. But to me it is very hard to upkeep. So I’ll just try to do reviews when I can.

But actually post this time instead of give up like last time. At least try. I promise to try. As it is I’ll have a review for you on Thursday as I work like crazy tomorrow so it’s best to do it after I’ve slept. Speaking of which is what I should be doing right now.

Goodnight and I’ll see you in the next review.

The Nightmare Before Christmas! HS #21

Hey Guys and Girls! Today we are doing a review on an old childhood favorite of mine. The Nightmare Before Christmas. I want to point out that Halloween Spooktacular just won’t fit in the title, so I shortened it to HS. Meaning it does not mean High School. But it does mean we are nearing the end of our spooky time and heading into Thanksgiving time where I will review things that I am thankful for. Then there would be the 25 reviews of Christmas and of course, reviewing 2017.

But enough with that, onto the review! Jack the Pumpkin King is the King of Halloween. For some reason. Despite having a mayor. But ignoring that. The graphics are pretty good for 1993 in this movie, even better on Blu-Ray! But anyways, Jack is tired of his lofty title as King for simply being the scariest in town. He wants something new, different, exciting. The he explores his world and happens upon a door.

A door leading to several other doors and chooses to explore Christmas. He tells the others of his adventure and decides to take over Christmas for a year. He has the three scariest kids I’ve ever seen kidnap Santa and works with the others to make a Halloween Christmas. This fails and Jack sees he is not meant to be anything other than who he already was.

The Pumpkin King of a town that already has a mayor! Jack is saved by his love interest Sally, a frankenstien thing, and together they save Santa and Christmas from the Boogie Man.

You can buy the DVD here. And see the movie for yourself!

That’s all I have for today. Leave a suggestion for what I should review next in the comments. I give the The Nightmare Before Christmas 4.5 Sallys out of 5. Bye Guys! And Girls too 🙂 See ya!