Reviewing Pokémon (In General)

Pokémon is an awesome RPG/Anime/Manga/App/every thing else I’m currently forgetting. It’s all around pretty cool in my book, and I highly recommend it. There’ a variety of Games to play and Anime to watch as time grew on over the years. However, no matter how promising this prospect is, there is one major problem. It literally doesn’t change from one game to the next.

I’m talking about how in a vast majority of main Pokémon series games, you get 8 badges by defeating that region gym leader, defeat Team Whoever, then beat the Champion, and then do the postgame. The only exceptions to this rule that I’ve found to date are the Colosseum and XD Gale of Darkness, and the Explorers of *insert only difference in title here* The whole Explorer game series is where you play as a Pokémon yourself instead of a trainer and you become an exploration guild with eventually up to 4 members in you party and several others in these weird lands of friendship.

It’s a unique experience from the usual grind of games we get,there are even different Pokémon you can be and partner with based on a personality quiz and a finger print aura scan thingy that I am sure does not actually scan your finger, but takes a heat signature. However, in the series itself it does not change the fact that it is repetitive too. You do missions, you fight the bad guys, you win, and that’s it.

Now I know what you’re probably thinking. “Pokémon Sun and Moon are totally different.” To that I tell you, no, not really. I take the “Alolan Island Challenge” as revamped regurgitation of the Pokemon League Challenge. The Alolan Pokemon however are unique in the fact that some are totally new, some are literally remade versions of Pokémon from previous generations, and some are not even remade and thrown in.

But enough about the games, this is a general review, so onto the Anime:

The Pokémon Anime series can pretty much be told like this: Ash wants to prove he can be a Pokémon Master to Misty, a girl who’s bike he destroys yet some how he befriends so she forgets that, after she says “Bet you can’t get all 8 Badges.” He does so, but I won’t even mention how he got his first badge without beating the Gym’s leader after befriending him. When I was a kid but that was noble, but now I think he may have needed that real fight, then maybe he would have beaten the Champion just once.

Ash never once, in any of the seasons, beat the champion. I know it’s probably to make the show continual, but it makes watching from Episode One like I did, feel like a total waste of time. I wanted to watch Ash succeed, and over time as he continued to fail, I just gave up on him ever reaching his dreams.

The Pokémon Company, Nintendo of America, whoever has the copyright or authority could have allowed him to succeed, They could have multiple seasons if he won the championship the first time around, if only they did it right. For example, another Anime series: Pokémon Origins, It’s only 4 episodes, but it’s like a more mature Ash (named Red) with his partner Charmander, and they do all 8 badges (legitimately, I might add) and defeated the Champion, as well as catching all of the then 150 Pokémon.

In the last Episode of Origins, Blue and Red race to catch the 151st Pokémon. You guessed it, Mew. If the creators of that series built upon that, I would be all over at DailyMotion where you can watch it for free:

You’re welcome 😉

But, enough about the Anime, onto the App. The Infamous Pokemon Go: Not worth the walking it takes. I am not lazy, but the server glitches at the beginning that did not let me log in or count my steps which were taken over literal miles of walking have turned me off from the game, now I’m so far behind that I could never contest a gym and the egg hatching has disappointed me so. After all the glitching and walking 2 miles to hatch an egg, I got a WEEDLE.

I now have a job during the evening, and do not get out enough to play, with the no cellphone policy at my workplace, even though I constantly walk at work, I cannot make it count towards my eggs. I still have it on my phone though because of laziness. You pretty much won’t be able to do any good with the game unless you pay a bunch of money and/or be one of the very first players in the game. But if you wanna get into it, I think they fixed the glitches, so even if there is no point for me to go back, I encourage all to start who want to. Maybe you can get ahead without money.

And finally the thing I only know one thing about: the Manga. I have literally seen almost none of it. But I do know one thing, there are various not-for-kids references throughout the Manga consisting of violence and sexual content. As for if that is dominant in the books I don’t know, but at the very least there is some screwed up stuff in this Manga series. So if you are 18+ or have your parents permission, or both, go check out the Manga if you want to ruin Pokémon for yourself forever.

Well that’s done for all offical Pokemon Games, Anime, Manga, Apps, and so forth that I currently remember. Did I miss something? Why not tell me in the comments below! Have a good day everyone 🙂