Reviewing 2016

Happy Belated New Years guys and gals!

It’s your favorite review blogger finally making a new post! You know, finally. I know it must feel like a year since my last review, so what more fitting way to return than to review the year to prove it didn’t take that long?
It has been a rough year for pretty much everyone all the way around. To everyone there was SOMETHING that they disliked enough to make them curse the whole year.

From the death of Muhammad Ali to the death of Harambe, from the Brexit to the Election of Donald Trump (But I won’t go there in this post, I may weigh in on it later if it’s wanted.) There was always something. But for me personally, it wasn’t a bad year. I went to Disney World and conquered Space Mountain, I went to Ceder Point and won a bunch of games, I graduated High School. Not a bad year.

However I see a bunch of things on Social Media about “Thank God 2016 is over” “Can 2017 be over too? I won’t give it a chance” and above all else that fake trailer for that movie that no one is actually making turning the year into a horror movie (Where were the clowns in that trailer by the way?)

Here’s the video for those who want to see it:

I’ll admit, the part about the exploding phone made me laugh, as well as the subtle “Everyone moved to Canada joke” after Trump won. I still think that might actually happen. I like Canada, I’d love to go there.

But back to the review. Many celebrities died this year, From Severes Snape to David Bowie. It is very sad, but not worth casting an entire year off as a curse over. People die every day, all the time. The fact that someone is well known and has a lot of money should not and does not make it more tragic than the death of anybody else. Case in point.

Harambe was shot, that is terrible and I do not advocate the decision at all. But I understand that there was a time crunch and we as humans naturally take the well-being of our own over any other species. However, I’m surprised by the response from Jungle Jack Hannah of the Columbus Zoo, He approved of the actions of the shooter. I would figure he would at least be a bit more remorseful for the poor creature.

This also concerns the kid too. I don’t know who the boy is, but those that do will never forget. That child will grow up known as the kid who Harambe got killed over. People won’t forget. How do I know? In the 4th grade I got food poisoning and got sick at school. I was made fun of for it all the way to graduation. That was just some ick I did with an audience, while an innocent animal died to protect this child. Yeah, people won’t forget.

Moral of that small rant: pay attention to your kids.

I won’t talk much about celebrity deaths because I lack knowledge on celebrities as a whole. But I do wonder why people are wishing death to Justin Bieber. Yes, he’s a douche, but that doesn’t mean he deserves to die. If being a douche warranted death the human race would have gone extinct years ago.

Now then I should go enjoy 2017 before I have you reading for the whole of it.

Bye guys, I’ll be around again sometime. Have a great day and leave a comment of what I should review next.