The First Review

Hi folks, if you are reading this you are about to read the first official review for this blog you are currently viewing. I had a bit of thinking to do to decide what to review, especially since I got no suggestions. But I naturally expected such, since this IS a fresh and new blog after all. But that aside, the first thing I decided to review a forum near and dear to my heart, which I have been a member of for more than a year now. Since I know where most of my traffic is probably from, it should be dear to you too. But if you haven’t guessed it, my first review will be of none other Then ForumCoin.

On the rare chance that someone is reading this who does not know of ForumCoin, I’ll give a basic run down. ForumCoin is a forum, hence the name. It is a PTP forum, otherwise known as Paid To Post. It has what’s known as a “Forum Currency” which you can earn from posting or receive in exchange for a service. You can theoretically earn an unlimited amount of ForumCoin or FC this way. At the time writing this, 1 FC = $0.01 USD paid with Paypal or Amazon among other methods. You can earn FC from 10 posts a day, barring some special reason otherwise. Also you earn different amounts based on what forum you post in, sometimes even based on whether or not you start a thread or reply to one!

With ForumCoin you will NOT “get rich quick” by any means. Anyone with that mindset will be sorely disappointed. ForumCoin is a community, not just a money making site. There you can learn new things, make new friends, advertise your own website or YouTube channel (where and how the site allows only, please no spam!) I personally used the FC I earned to purchase the domain of my own forum, It’s still not very popular, but I haven’t given up on it and I won’t.

I’m even using FC to fund the hosting for this blog that you are currently reading! I personally believe I came a long way in my knowledge of websites since joining Forum Coin one year ago. I had the help of not only many members of the forum, but also two of greatest forum admins I’ve met on the internet today. They’re usernames are Fergal and CyberFreak (also known as Cyber for short.) They are the kindest and most understanding people, but they don’t back down from nonsense and the breaking of rules.

If I ever had a question I always know I can go to the admins, sometimes even if it has little or nothing to do with anything at all. That is the kind of air that a forum should have, we are not just their underlings, we are their friends! The forum is open internationally, the only catch is that the forum is English only. So if you can’t read this blog, you likely won’t be able to join the forum. Now, the owners are very lenient with people whom are not fluent in English, you do not have to be perfect. But you must be able to be understood. ForumCoin is one of the few earning sites where being from a certain country doesn’t give you any sort of advantage or disadvantage. Everyone earns at the same rate and earnings depend on what you do, how often you do it, and sometimes even how it’s done. You have the capability to earn as much as everyone else, maybe less, maybe more, it depends entirely on you.

I would reccomend this forum for everyone who can deal with the above to join this forum and contribute to what I believe has the potential to be a new world currency and a permanent internet powerhouse. Though at this time I doubt anybody who is not already a member, maybe one day someone not registered will see this. In that case I implore you to sign up. Every second unregistered, is a second wasted.

You can register here:

I’ll see you in my next post and in the meantime, keep earning money.

Final Overall Rating: 5 FC out of 5 FC

Hello world!

Hi all, welcome to the very first blog post of Evereview, I am the Evereviewer, forever reviewing, everything. Now as a disclaimer, I don’t literally mean I will review EVERYTHING. If I did that, I don’t think I could ever stop writing. But my ultimate goal is to review a wide plethora of things, services, topics, people, and more. I want to review things that there are little reviews on, Like for example, content creators on Youtube. There are not that many reviews on Youtube content creators, who are otherwise known as Youtubers. At least I haven’t seen many.

By “review” I mean at least a semi in-depth analysis of said Youtuber and their content, with or without bias. This is being generous about the amount of time spent writing, grammar and spelling, a word count of some semi significant number, and a number of other aspects that are present in an actual review. But if you find a review of the sort that is more than a Facebook post, let me know. I’ll happily read it and potentially review that review.

In the basic gist of this blog I will review anything and everything that I do so wish to review. I will accept requests if I have knowledge of or can obtain knowledge of whatever is requested if I can. I reserve the right to decline any request that is undoable though. But I will try to do all I can, because that’s all I can do. I want to be your one stop blog that allows no unjust judgement. I tell only the truth of what I know and I promise to never lie to my readers.

So if you want honest reviews on random things, you came to the right place. I accept no bribes for good reviews or to slander any product, person, or service. I want to be legit. So leave a comment on what you think I should review!