New Milestone Achieved! – 3,000 Reads!



Hello all my guys, gals, and non-binary pals! My fellow Internet Explorers! We have done it! Together we have reached 3,000 views milestone on this little blog of ours today! I am so proud of everyone. We did a great job. Now we only to blast on through to 4,000. We also are only 5 members away from 250 subscribers! We’ve been stuck close for a while. But we can do it. I know it, I can feel it even.

Celebrate Good Times!

But there is time for future goals later. For now we revel in our accomplishments! I made a facebook page too and it’s doing well so far you can join it Here with a like of the page. I only just thought that it would be a good idea to link it here. Why I had never thought of it before? I don’t know. But I’m proud of how far along it’s come! My book is also doing decent with sales so far too.

Cover Story

I’m not sure the exact amount, but it’s the cover of the book that I’m most proud of overall with each sale. You see, the cover contains the image of a Rose. This is to represent my late grandmother who died of cancer two years ago. Both because it was her name and the first flower she or anyone has ever given me on the date of my birth for my hospital room. The Picture will honor her memory in every copy forever.

Goodbye For Now

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Shameless Plug

If you haven’t already, consider supporting me by buying my Book as well! Bye!

Surprise Time! – I Finally Tell All You’ve Been Waiting For!



Howdy all my fellow Internet Explorers! The time has finally arrived to show all you lovely readers the wonderful Surprise that I have been trying to keep under wraps. That surprise is, the publishing of my book! It’s finally ready for the world to read and you can purchase it Here. For $3.99 USD and keep it forever on the free to download kindle app. Which is available today on most devices!

Support and Surprise Continued

I do so hope that many of my friends via the internet will gather to see the beauty that is what I have slaved over for the last 6 years to turn into the work of art it is today. I have to say though, do not let the cover fool you as it is not for young children as the Dr. Seuss-like artwork on the cover may make it seem. I had the cover made that way for a reason. So that those who bother to look in side know the age old saying “Never judge a book by it’s cover”

I also wanted to tip the hat to one of my favorite authors from my early childhood. And the origin from the phrase pictured above where a portion of the book revolves around. This is my life’s dream in the making and I cannot wait for it to shine through!

So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, adieu

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One Last Shameless Plug!

Please do purchase the book if you are interested or at least give it a click Here.

My Sick Leave – Sorry Internet Explorers


Sick Leave

Hello all my Fellow Internet Explorers! I’m sorry for the small absence I’ve had. The short story of what happened is that my uncle came over to visit while he was sick and managed to make the whole house sick. Myself included. I could hardly function, let alone write blogs. Thankfully I was off of work for the duration of my sickness. I believe I am at this point at least 97% if not completely better at this point and I am ready for work in the morning.

Sick Birthday Party

I had my birthday the previous day. Had a nice dinner out with my aunt. Whose birthday it also was. Getting to share the day every year is fun. Being able to do that easier now is better than I could have imagined. I love my aunt very much. Also my plans for the big surprise I have for all you guys out there is getting the finishing touches on it. It should be ready in a timely fashion. And I cannot wait for it to be public. I also reopened review requests once again on a website where some of my reviews have come from. So there may be more actual reviews in the site’s future. I also fixed the guest posting so that so long as you are logged in, you can get credit for the post as the writer instead of it defaulting to me.


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Happy Birthday To My Father – A Very Special Day!


Happy Birthday To The World’s Best Father!

Hello all, a really late post for you today. I spent most of the day scheming on how to make the day for my father as special as possible on his birthday. It was a rocky start with a very flammable attempt at pancakes by me. Luckily my baby bro came in to save the day with his superior cooking prowess. We still have not finished the pancakes. After my kitchen fiasco my main contribution came into play.

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work For My Father

I bought a cake. A marble cake to be exact. Everyone made their own contribution. Dad’s girlfriend bought the present, I got the cake, My brother made the breakfast, and my aunt got the card. It all conveyed just how much we really love him. Personally I love him a lot and attribute a vast majority of my current success to him taking me in after my mom gave me the boot. I want to have immortalized for all to see that I love my father more than I can express. I love you dad, you’re my hero and just like you always say I will always be your baby and I hope you never stop seeing that.

My birthday is coming in just a couple of days and I think my little brother has a plan. I’m not gonna try to ruin it though. I think I’ll like whatever surprise he comes up with.

Goodbye For Now!

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What Should I Do Now? – Achieving Goals


What To Do

Howdy ho my fellow Internet Explorers. I don’t really have much news today. My check came in the mail today but that’s about it. I used it to open a new checking account which I will activate tomorrow and I’m very excited to have money again, with the ability to make my own purchases. I already explained my shopping list but I cannot wait to get my transition gear I’m constantly window shopping for the best gear for the price. Maybe I’ll do a review of it here when I make my first purchase. I’m very excited for that day.

Future Goals to Do Next

I suppose I can tell some of my future plans. I’m going to attempt to save up for a new computer for myself. And for my partner because I feel bad for theirs getting stolen while in my care. I plan to also start learning to drive again from my father. Who is proven better at teaching me than my mother. from there under the assumption I can do that, I will be saving for a new car. I plan to buy used because buying new is never a good idea unless you’re rich enough to not care about money. My dream car is a green Prius. I just like how it looks and I hear it’s a good mileage typically. If I can do that I will be completely independent.

Goodbye For Now!

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Checking up On My Readers – Good Afternoon World


Just Checking In

Good afternoon guys, girls, and everyone in between! It’s my day off from work today but that doesn’t mean I’m being lazy. I still remembered and am checking in on you guys! As if I could actually forget all my friends and fellow Internet Explorers. I have to ask, is that pun getting old or just not funny? Let me know! I want you all to know that each one of you is important, and not only to me at that. I want to strive to grow our community here and succeed as the Internet Explorers we are.

Checking Guest Posts!

But for me to do that I need to know what each of you wants to read. And you also need to know that if I can’t write on a specific topic, you guys can do so yourself! I opened up guest posting a while ago. I hopefully have a better plugin for it now though, I think you guys should be able to write a post so long as you have an account now. Hopefully it works out to be that way anyways. If it doesn’t I will find a way to fix it with the help of some good friends over the internet. Ah the internet, it’s a beautiful thing.


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I love you all long time, and I will see all you dudes in the next post!

Autism Spectrum Disorder Awareness Month


Happy Autism Spectrum Disorder Awareness Month!

Hello my fellow Internet Explorers, I wanted to talk today about something I’ve been meaning to, but kept forgetting to cover for a few weeks now. As some of you may or may not be aware, April is Autism Spectrum Disorder Awareness Month. So to my ASD readers and friends, I love you all, just as you are. Do not believe the sham that is Autism Speaks. Because though it does, it does not need to be cured. You need no cure because you are not sick. Just different.

And different is wonderful. You are wonderful and beautiful just the way you are and you do not need to change for anyone. And I’m talking to everyone, not just those with ASD. I mean all of the beautiful people in the world, everyone. Every person has worth and purpose and you can reach your full potential. For the sky is the limit no matter how much help you need to start the climb.

But remember that you can climb it with the right tools and friends at your side. I hope to have at least made a difference in one person’s day today by sharing how much I believe in you, yes, you, reading this now.

Goodbye For Now My Autism Spectrum Disorder Friends!

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I love you all you guys, girls and those in between. And I’ll see all you dudes in the next post.

Happy Easter Sunday Internet Explorers!


Happy Easter!

Hello my fellow internet explorers! It is a wonderful Easter morning today! Now I say this because that’s what day it is to me, because that does not change regardless of if you celebrate. If you are going to celebrate with me, great. If not, also great. You do your own thing. I will not be attending church as I consider myself an agnostic atheist. But I will be attending family dinner and actually already received a bag of candy from my father and a gift from one of my aunts while at work the other day.

My Easter bag from my father contained Reese’s cups, Hershey Kisses, Jelly Beans, and a chocolate rabbit. I hope all the kids across the land have bountiful Easter Egg Hunts and get wonderful surprises and pictures with their respective Easter Bunny’s. I might watch really old Easter Movies and I encourage everyone who celebrates to do so as well. Even if you don’t celebrate, they aren’t bad movies. I really like Here Comes Peter Cottontail, the original one from 1971.

Surprise Easter Review

The graphics are terrible, granted. But it was a very good movie for its time and I believe it is worth watching in spite of the old-fashioned way of animation. Ben 10 said it best “Just because something is really old, doesn’t mean it isn’t cool.” to give the movie an official Evereview I give Here Comes Peter Cottontail (1971) Four Green St. Patrick’s Day Eggs out of Five

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Have a Happy Easter my Internet Explorers! and I will see all you dudes, in the next post!

You Can Now Post Along With Me!


Hey Guys, Girls, and Everyone in between! This is just a quick little blog to announce some new updates about the site for you! Firstly, like the title says. You can now post along with me in the Guest Post section, but keep in mind that it is not to just advertise whatever you want. I will be monitoring the feature’s usage and editing and removing posts as I see fit.

I will also now list the rules for posting. Anyone breaking these rules will have their post taken down.

Your post must be in US English so that I can understand it for appropriateness. Your post must have a point, and a valid point at that. No post whatsoever promoting self harm, suicide, pornography, or violence, including hate speech and extremist propaganda of any kind. Your post must also not be just an advertisement, if you’re going to do a review, do a review.

I also retain the right to alter or delete whatever posts or comments I see as unfit for this blog for any reason. And finally, these rules are subject to change at any time and will be enforced.

That’s all I can think of for now. But I do have one more announcement. It has come to my attention that we have hit a fantastic milestone. Of over 200 time travelers. 232 to be exact. I am so proud of what this little baby has grown into and so thankful for all of you. I really could not have done any of this without you. And for that I am like the little green Martians, Eternally grateful.

That’s about all the time I have for today guys. Have a great day and I will see all you dudes, in the next review (Or blog rant) See you guys on a later date! 🙂

Thank You So Much You Guys! 100+ Subscribers


I just wanted to say a quick thank you before I go off to bed. we hit and surpassed the milestone of 100 subscribers and I am very proud of how far we’ve come. But we still have far left to go. Get your friends to join the Evereview Army for fair reviews based on my humble opinions and personal experiences. Or do as you please. I am not your boss.

But do be aware that they deserve the amazing content that I hope that I provide to you. Please subscribe if you are new and let me know in the comments or by contacting me what you want me to review next. Just go to the contact me page. Then input what you want to say, your name, and an email you own and hit send. Easy Peasy.

Well that’s all I have for today, thank you once again and good bye for the night. Sorry for not doing this sooner, I don’t check my subscriber count often and I missed it. I love you all and I will see you in the next review.

Here’s my previous Post in case you missed it: Why I Added A Donation Button To Evereview

Hello world!


Hi all, welcome to the very first blog post of Evereview, I am the Evereviewer, forever reviewing, everything. Now as a disclaimer, I don’t literally mean I will review EVERYTHING. If I did that, I don’t think I could ever stop writing. But my ultimate goal is to review a wide plethora of things, services, topics, people, and more. I want to review things that there are little reviews on, Like for example, content creators on Youtube. There are not that many reviews on Youtube content creators, who are otherwise known as Youtubers. At least I haven’t seen many.

By “review” I mean at least a semi in-depth analysis of said Youtuber and their content, with or without bias. This is being generous about the amount of time spent writing, grammar and spelling, a word count of some semi significant number, and a number of other aspects that are present in an actual review. But if you find a review of the sort that is more than a Facebook post, let me know. I’ll happily read it and potentially review that review.

In the basic gist of this blog I will review anything and everything that I do so wish to review. I will accept requests if I have knowledge of or can obtain knowledge of whatever is requested if I can. I reserve the right to decline any request that is undoable though. But I will try to do all I can, because that’s all I can do. I want to be your one stop blog that allows no unjust judgement. I tell only the truth of what I know and I promise to never lie to my readers.

So if you want honest reviews on random things, you came to the right place. I accept no bribes for good reviews or to slander any product, person, or service. I want to be legit. So leave a comment on what you think I should review!

Houston, We Have Fixed The Problem!

Hello Internet Explorers, We Are Fixed!

Hey all you guys, gals and non-binary pals! Otherwise known as my fellow Internet Explorers. If you visited the site recently you would have noticed that we were not online. I made a little oppsie that caused some technical difficulties. But we are back once again and have fixed the problem . You can’t keep me down! But I do so apologize for the inconvenience of not being able to share all the lovely information that can be found here with your friends.

100 Posts???

Onto more pressing news we are about to hit a big milestone. We are about to hit 100 posts Written on this precious little blog. We are getting there guys! I’m trying to think about what I can do to make it special. I know what I can do for my forumcoin pals but what about the general public? What do you guys think I should do for the 100th post? I’m all ears. I want to to make it special and maybe get more fellow Internet Explorers into the mix along the way. We are stuck at about 243 Internet explorers currently, but I am hoping to break through that 250 barrier soon.

Arrivederci, too-da-loo, and Ciao

That being said, that is all the time I have for you today my Internet Explorers. Don’t forget to leave a like if you liked reading this post. And comment down below what you think I should post next. I beg of you not to forget to subscribe so you don’t miss the next post. But if you can’t wait for the next post, you can Click Here to read the previous post to hold you off until I or even one of you guys posts again.

I love you guys, gals, and non-binary pals long time. And I will see all you dudes in the next post. Bye Bye!