Paperwork At Best Buy And Diabetes!


Good afternoon my fellow internet Explorers. I’m for you with a small update about my most recently ended job hunt. I say ended because I accepted a job offer from Best Buy. So far I have only filled out paperwork. Tomorrow I will be watching a power point on ethics and such and taking a quiz on said PowerPoint. And then by Sunday I will be shadowing someone. I currently do not know when I will be on my own but I hope I am on stable ground when I do.

Diabetes Awareness

After my training tomorrow I will be attending my local lgbtqia+ support group. I “work” from 10 am to 3pm and group starts at 6pm and ends at 7pm. So I have a full day tomorrow. I have to remember to request off for Thursday because my family will be out of town. They are going to my little brother’s endocrinologist because he has diabetes. It’s a whole trip because the only endocrinologist that takes children is a two hour drive away one way.

I’m not going personally, but I won’t have anyone to drive me to work. I hope he gets his insulin pump back. It’s been years since he was taken off of it and it may behoove him to get it back. His numbers are usually pretty terrible because he snacks a lot. More awareness for diabetes is definitely necessary. As well as awareness of other things like Hydrocephalus and Mental disorders and disabilities.

Until Next Time

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Hiring Update – Best Buy Edition- Paperwork

Hello All

Hello Guys, Girls and Everyone in between! I’m here for you with an update on my life in a continuation of my daily blog streak. As the title and a previous update reveal, I was offered a job at my local Best Buy. I accepted soon after. And in this blog post I’m here with the update that my background check cleared sooner than originally expected and I’m going in tomorrow to fill out the hiring paperwork.

Perfectly Timed Hiring

Nothing too exciting except that I’m that much closer to my first paycheck. I cannot wait for that one. I do wonder if training is paid. Hopefully it is but I’ll have to ask. Furthermore I hope I get my first check on time for the upcoming Pride Festival. I also hope that my special surprise for the world is ready by then. But it should be. Everything is right on track to happen perfectly on time. Right down to my birthday happening on May 6th. I’m gonna turn 21 this year. I’m also very excited to finally be able to tell my therapist that I have been I have been hired.

In other news regarding that, I’m unsure if I had mentioned this before. But just in case I hadn’t I will be fully recognized as a real man. Able to use the male facilities in both work and school. So I’m super excited for both.

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PrestonPlayz Review – His Old Videos


Hey my fellow internet Explorers. Today I have a review for you that I have been meaning to do for a long time. This was and still is a favorite pastime of mine. Watching PrestonPlayz on YouTube. If anybody wants to watch his current content, they can do so Here.


Anyone who knows me well, knows that I love Minecraft very much. It is one of my favorite games. PrestonPlayz has not uploaded Minecraft in at least 3 months that I have seen, so rip on that. But I do so love to re-watch some of his old Minecraft content, Money Wars especially. Money wars is sort of nickname for a game called egg wars in which you protect an egg that allows you infinite spawns until it is destroyed. last team alive wins.

Moving on

Sounds easy enough right? I have actually played the game myself before. It was really popular back when Preston played it, but now you at most see maybe a few hundred players if you’re lucky. This is likely due to both the old players growing up and another game mode being made on another server that was similar but had a few key featured that egg wars lacked.

He’s really good background noise to have to work to or fall asleep to. That’s the main thing I use the channel for since I had re-watched all of his contact that interests me. He’s in my background as I type in fact. I do not watch his current content as it no longer interests me. But he’s a pretty good entertainer if a bit of a sellout.

So I proudly give Preston 4 Lava Mobs out of 5.

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Job Acquisition Hunt Update – Best Buy Edition

Job Acquired

Hello my fellow internet explorers of all creeds and genders. I am back at it again, a bit later than I would have been if I had not fallen asleep. All the excitement tuckered me out today. But I have good news and then wonderful news. I now have a job at my local Best Buy starting at $10 USD an hour for at least 18 hours a week. I have a feeling I’ll be a good fit due to my background growing up with technology.

I’m Too nice

It will be fun to have money again and I have an idea for what I want to do with the money already. Some stuff for myself like a chest binder and a packer, and surprises for my friends and family. I’m a very giving person, even if the people I give to don’t necessarily deserve it.

I’m just that nice I guess. But that was just the good news. The wonderful news is that the special surprise I have in store with all my readers is moving forward on schedule. Well I guess it’s more of a surprise for the world, not just my readers. But hopefully there will be more of you reading my blog after this hopefully takes off.

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How The Tour Went, And Other Updates!

Visiting My Future School!

Hey guys! Well if you read my last post from Yesterday, you would know that I took a tour of my local community college that I will hopefully attend in the fall once I get all the FAFSA stuff set up. Let me be the first to tell you, It does not matter your financial situation, everyone should fill it out. There is no such thing as making too much money. I just hope your parents coöperate if you are a dependent like me.

I don’t know if my mother will coöperate. But I can hope that she does. If not, I might just have to wait a year. Which won’t be too terrible to do. In other news they are accepting of my status as transgender and am permitted to use the men’s room, though some may question me I shouldn’t have any legal trouble.


On an unrelated topic. I had a job interview today with Best Buy. I think I did well, focusing on my past experience in computers and sales. Also the fact that my dad works in IT and was in the Geek Squad before it was called that. I’ll know by Tuesday if I made it to the next round of interviews. I have other options. Places like Lowe’s and Subway.

But there is one place I applied for that I really hope to get, a job as a Legal Proofreader at William’s Lea Tag. The same company my dad works for. I’m going to call them on Monday. I called today, but the hiring manager wasn’t in. So wish me luck, guys!

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Back To School- First Step – Campus Tour

A Perfect Day!


Hey Howdy Hey, Fellow Internet Explorers. It’s a wonderful morning and yes I did take my meds late and am experiencing Mania now. Because I done goofed and forgot even though I have an alarm to remind me. But there is a reason to be excited today. I get to spend the day with my loving aunt who I take great pleasure in spending time with and love very much, looking into starting at my local college for school.


New School!

I as the title says am taking the first step to going back to school and going on a college tour today. I have no idea what to expect but I am very excited. The only thing I know so far is that I want to go the path creative writing. That’s not a specific degree but I can go into liberal arts with an English focus. The student counselor I am meeting with seems very nice over email and willing to accept my status as a transgender male.

That is a concern of mine. I wonder what bathroom I’m supposed to use, especially while I’m not on HRT or have a packer, binder or surgeries. I guess I’m gonna find out how liberal the arts is.


Okay okay, it’s two in the morning. My jokes are always more tear-able than paper. All jokes aside I’ll keep you guys posted with another post of how it went tomorrow. Or maybe same day if enough people want it.

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Comeback In Time For Easter!

Comeback Kid

Salutations Internet, It’s the Evereviewer. Back at it again with the white Vans and dead memes. I got a new life in a new town and a new reason to keep writing. I found out why I went on writing binges and blackouts with my diagnosis of Bipolar disorder. Makes perfect sense to me. But now I’m on proper medications that are working wonders for me in any way I can think of. And now it’s time for the Comeback kid.

My goal is daily blogs with at least one actual review per week starting tomorrow. Tonight is purely an update blog. I had to move out of my previous home due to creative differences with my mother. But That is all in the past. Another big change is that I began to transition from female to male. I’m going by the name Dustin now. But you all can still call me the owner of the website or Evereviewer if you are so inclined to.

In other news my new home is now in the grand old state of West Virginia. It’s honestly not too bad here, has its own Pride Center with a support group, I have an amazing therapist and psychiatrist who know what they’re doing. But above all is the family connection I now have with my father again. I have a special surprise to come in about another month or so for all of you lovely people of the internet. So please subscribe so that you don’t miss out on it.

With that being said, that is all the time I have for tonight so I will see all you dudes in the next personal blog! See you next time!

But if you can’t wait, why not take a look at the last post Here

Spyro reignited trilogy

 Spyro The Dragon

Alright where can I even start on this game. I guess I’ll start with the good aspects of it since there are a lot of those. In all honesty Spyro: The Reignited Trilogy lived up to my expectations in all three games. Having the charm of the originals. And the graphical improvements made for an amazing experience. The first game was a faithful upgrade of the original game that gave the dragons more personality then they had originally. Which made for some really fun cut scenes to watch. While the thieves were still their annoying selves. The laughing taunt they do infuriated me just as much as it did as a child when I first played the original game on PS1.

Spyro: Ripto’s Rage, and Year of The Dragon

The second game, went by two different titles originally. it went by either Ripto’s Rage which is what I knew it by, or Gateway to Glimmer. Here is where one of my problems with the trilogy began.  There is a chance that the player can get the bad luck of getting a file that is glitched. If that happens, you won’t be able to get all the orbs and gems to 100% the game now I’m not saying it’s a bad game just because of one annoying glitch though. On the contrary Ripto’s Rage was still an amazing and great remaster of its original source as was Year of The Dragon which is the third game in the trilogy.

Buy The Game

You can buy all of the games in one grand Spyro Trilogy at your local gaming store. Or at for Xbox One or Playstation 4 Here

With That I give Spyro The Reignited Trilogy a solid Four Dragonflies out of Five. Have a wonderful, safe day everyone. And I will see all you dudes in the next Review!

But if you can’t wait, here’s the last one: WWE 2k19

You Can Now Post Along With Me!

Hey Guys, Girls, and Everyone in between! This is just a quick little blog to announce some new updates about the site for you! Firstly, like the title says. You can now post along with me in the Guest Post section, but keep in mind that it is not to just advertise whatever you want. I will be monitoring the feature’s usage and editing and removing posts as I see fit.

I will also now list the rules for posting. Anyone breaking these rules will have their post taken down.

Your post must be in US English so that I can understand it for appropriateness. Your post must have a point, and a valid point at that. No post whatsoever promoting self harm, suicide, pornography, or violence, including hate speech and extremist propaganda of any kind. Your post must also not be just an advertisement, if you’re going to do a review, do a review.

I also retain the right to alter or delete whatever posts or comments I see as unfit for this blog for any reason. And finally, these rules are subject to change at any time and will be enforced.

That’s all I can think of for now. But I do have one more announcement. It has come to my attention that we have hit a fantastic milestone. Of over 200 time travelers. 232 to be exact. I am so proud of what this little baby has grown into and so thankful for all of you. I really could not have done any of this without you. And for that I am like the little green Martians, Eternally grateful.

That’s about all the time I have for today guys. Have a great day and I will see all you dudes, in the next review (Or blog rant) See you guys on a later date! 🙂

A Great Tragedy – My Condolences to the WPD

Hey guys! I’m sure most of you have not heard, this is a very local problem. But here’s a general description: Two officers of the Westerville Police Department were called to action and were shot at the scene. I do not know the details of what happened as I prefer not to know, my heart can’t take it. The only thing I need to know is that two souls are now and forever lost to the world. I do however also know that the suspected shooter is in custody. A Fact I am very glad for.

For if people like him with his mindset or string of situations the world will never be safe. I have mixed feelings about the suspect. Should the suspect be found guilty I believe there should be a punishment like jail-time. But I also believe that prisoners should be treated more like people. Instead of just as the crimes they commit. Because people can learn, change, and improve. But at the same time, my anger against things like murder and rape cloud my mind with opinions.

Which makes me glad I’m not in any form of decision making power for the country. But this is a big tangent. I ramble a lot, you guys know that. Anyways. I’m deeply sorry to the families and friends of the departed. You have my highest condolences and the officers, my highest respect. May they rest in peace and the bereaved grieve in peace until they find peace within themselves and live on. So that the lives lost may live on in them.

Out of respect I will not do my normal closing outro, or put ads on this blog. Now, I believe I have taken enough time from you. As promised, no outro. Simply goodbye for now. Until next time.

Ban On Trans Folks In The US Military – My Stance


A good and wonderful morning all my fellow internet explorers. How are you today? Let me know in the comments! I’m feeling pretty good this morning as usual. I can’t stop thinking about all the good fortune I’ve been having. If you click around you’ll know what I’m talking about with my being accepted as a trans man. I don’t want to sound like a broken record. But I will tell you that I’m proud of my current daily streak on posting. It feels like less of a burden this time. Especially because I’m not trying to do a review every day and granting myself a lot of posts to just talk to you guys.

Transgender Ban

I still have that special surprise in the works too. But in unrelated news I do have something to talk about today that I wish I had remembered before. I want to make my stance perfectly clear if it is not already that I am pro-lgbtqia+ and am against the ban for my trans kin in the USA Military. I think it is ludicrous to call anyone’s service to their country as lesser than another person’s. Because as someone who is transgender I will tell you, we are people too.

I ask that you think about what someone who is in service has to go through and think about how much a person’s gender really matters in regards to that service.

Well that’s all I have for you today. don’t forget to like and comment on this post so more people can be aware of this issue. Subscribe if you haven’t already so you don’t miss my next post. But if you just can’t wait for the next post you can Click Here to see the previous one. I love all of you long time and I will see all you dudes in the next post!

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